Thursday, July 19, 2012

Laughing Moon Silverado Corset #4

Yesterday, I spent about 5 hours constructing the final corset. It's slow and tedious going, but it's necessary. I spent a lot of time double and triple checking that all the layers were completely aligned. I basted the seams together by hand before I created the boning channels. I was going to push for setting the grommets, but I could tell that I was getting too tired, so I stopped. 

An important construction note: I followed Linda Sparks's recommendation and pressed all the lining seams to the center front and all the outer seams to the center back. This allows me to use the seam allowances as boning channels. However, in order to make that work, I had to carefully "hop over" every seam allowance when I sewed the waist stay to the outside of the lining. I had to be sure to leave the future boning channel open. This is not mentioned in the instructions in either the original pattern or the book. 

I also did clip the seams on the most pronounced curves, but I used only one clip per curve so that can still use the seam allowances for boning channels. 

Here are pictures of yesterday's progress:
Close up of waist stay. If you look closely, you can see where I skipped over the seam allowances. 
Detail of the boning channels
Inside of corset
Outside... so close!

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