Monday, April 20, 2009

Vogue 8353

I am making this dress for a pre-wedding party in May. Right now it's still in progress, so a full review is forthcoming. Right now, here are some photos of the construction process.

Design view:

There is a LOT of hand basting involved to get the palid to line up reliably:

But it really helps stabilize the tucks during machine sewing:

This really pays off, even up close:

Here is the back pinned to my dress form:
The first fitting:

At the May Party:

we were having a great time. The party was sort of carnival themed (actually, we had a medicine show). My handsome fiance is standing on the strong man game. I had just won a fabulous fake mustache for performing very poorly at the strong man game.

I have reviewed the pattern fully on My biggest complaint is that you lose a LOT of width in the area of the tucks. I made the pattern for a 28" waist and measured when I was done: 27.5" Beware! Definitely go a size or two up in this. There are so few seams that it's not too terrible to adjust after the tucks if you have some room. This was a totally fun project and absolutely fit our party to a "T" .