Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Laughing Moon Silverado Corset #3

Yesterday, I was worried about something that was completely outside of my control (it turned out fine). By design, I set aside all day yesterday for intensive corset sewing because is requires so much concentration that it crowds out worry. My mother says that my grandmother used to use sewing as a distraction from worry, so I'm carrying on a long tradition.

Yesterday I made some adjustments to the pattern and constructed a fully boned, single layer mock up for a final fitting. That was an astonishing success, so I was able to make final pattern adjustments and cut out and stitch together two layers of coutil for the final version. Whew!

I have also discovered two really excellent corset resources that I wanted to share. The first is the Foundations Revealed website. They have an incredible corset workshop pamphlet available for download that looks to be an insightful approach to drafting your own pattern or adjusting an existing one.

The second resource is Sidney Eileen's website, which is a good resource for costumers generally. More specifically, I'm really enjoying her tutorial on corset flossing.

Here are pictures from yesterday's marathon session:

raising the bust line

reducing 2" at the waist by taking in 1/8th" on four seams

TA DA!!! This is looking pretty good. The only non-seam boning I used can been seen in green (one bone over the hip and the second lacing support). There are a few last minor adjustments. I want to raise the bust line even higher (it's marked on the salmon scrap piece) and I needed to shorten the length in the front for comfort when seated (you can see the chalk line in this photo). 

One side flipped up due to the lacing arrangement, but that can be easily fixed. The only back adjustment I plan on making a smoothing out the little points at my shoulder blades. 

Further bust adjustments and marks for shortening the front. 

More TA DA!!! Two layers of coutil cut and sewn from the new pattern. I'm ready to add the waist stay and get this finished!

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