Monday, July 16, 2012

Laughing Moon Silverado Corset #2

Yesterday, I created a corset with partial boning out of some sturdier craft fabric. I also took the opportunity to insert the busk. That was both for practice and for fitting. The fabric I used is stretching some, but overall the fit was pretty good. I will
  • make a minor bust adjustment
  • take in the waist by 2" for waist reduction ( 1/8" decrease at the waist on all seams except sideback-to-back seam)
  • take in seams to adjust the fit at the center back
The next version will be a single layer, but fully boned, version in some heavy canvas. It's thicker than my coutil, so I'm hoping that it will approximate the feel of two layers of coutil fairly well.

Here are some photos of my progress:

tracing off pattern adjustments from the most recent round of fittings

Inserting the busk clasps into the gaps. I was afraid of this step, but it's really straightforward. 
I threaded some yarn trough the clasps so that I could keep them poking out through the gaps. It also gave me something to hang onto when I sewed around the outside of the busk. 
Not bad for my first time. 

The fit on the dress form was body glove perfect, but I squish a little bit more than my dress form,  so I added a few more alterations after I tried it on. 

I don't think I will actually place bone right over the bust point, but I needed to leave all the seams free incase I needed to make an adjustment. 

It stand away from my body somewhat at the center front. I fixed this somewhat with the bust adjustment, but this problem may persist due to the placement of the top of the busk. It holds the corset away from my body somewhat and I don't know how much I can correct for that. 

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