Sunday, February 10, 2013

A corset reconsidered

I am currently following Lauren, of American Duchess, and her adventures in corset training. It has inspired me to reconsider the corset I made over the summer. I found that some of her observations were real revelations to me. For example, it had never occurred to me that a corset should be comfortable. I like her suggestions for changes to her own corsets. I don't think that I will end up ripping my Laughing Moon corset apart, but I might make up another version.

I am wearing the LM corset today, and I hope to wear it for few hours a day for the next several days. Right off the bat, I can tell that it's probably too long from the waist down. While standing is fine (which is how I did my fittings), sitting or walking any distance means that my hips and low back are uncomfortable. Really, I think that all the work I did removing the hip gores was a mistake. As Lauren pointed out, one must leave room for the squished parts to go somewhere.

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eurielle said...

You're Back !! yeah !!
Thanks for the post and the link. I went to check the american duchesse's blog. Neat corset intel !
Looking forward to hear more about your serious corset work ;-)