Sunday, February 10, 2013

Only 5 hours in and...

I'm ready to either a) slice open the sides of the Laughing Moon corset or b) make a new one entirely. OK, I'm probably not going to cut into the LM corset. It was too much work and it looks pretty. I will save it and find excuses to wear it as an external costume garment, loosely laced. 

The following images outline the changes I would make to this corset to make it more comfortable. The red areas indicate things I would remove entirely. The green areas are additions or position changes. 

The whole thing is too long at the back. It's binding the muscles in my low back and squishing my "backside" in an unsightly manor. I want to cut off the length and give the condensed flesh some where to go. Also, hip gores, or possibly just wider panels are needed to encourage a more comfortable shape. 
It's too long in the front, although not by nearly as much. Cutting off the bottom means moving the busk up. I just invested in a tapered busk that will hopefully make this more comfortable. I also need to add a little more room to accommodate my lower ribs. They are being pressured. It might be the half bones, or I might need to just adjust the amount of fabric in the panel. 

The position of the hip gores is up for debate. On the seam or in the panel, I'm not sure. 

Inspired by this project, I just purchased two new corset patterns from (#1034 & #1036) both of which seem to reflect these desired changes.

So... more sewing should be happening soon.

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