Wednesday, March 7, 2012

TV428 (bodice)

I've started on the TV428 bodice pattern in an attempt to have a completed outfit.

Truly Victorian has a unique sizing system. Back, Side Back, and Side piece are chosen according to one's back width measurements, then Side Front and Front pieces are chosen according to (full bust - back width). For me this meant that my back pieces were cut from size G, and my front piece was cut from size C.

This feels a little odd, as I think of myself as, um, larger in front with narrow shoulders. But, I put the muslin bodice together last night, and it's looking pretty good on the dress form. A few caveats to that last statement:

  1. the dress form's shoulder slope is more square than my own
  2. the dress form is currently uncorseted
  3. the dress form is without the skirts that will be worn with the bodice
  4. I have left off the sleeves, collar, and boning for now, since getting the trunk fit is tricky enough
I hope to put the corset & skirts back on the dress form tonight and take a closer look. As usual, I will have to shorten the length significantly. That much is clear from last night's first look. I figure if I can use the dress form to revise the length and make another mock up, I should be in good shape for this coming week.

This next week should be a week of major progress because (a) I am on Spring Break -- working in "the academy" has many advantages (b) my parents arrive tomorrow evening and will be in town for a week, which means my mom will be able to assist me and (c) we are hosting a "crafternoon" on Sunday, so there should be lots of good crafting vibes in the house.

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