Thursday, March 8, 2012

TV 428 #2

Here are the photos I took last night. I put the corset and skirts back on the dress form so that I could get a better sense of how things were really fitting.

So far, everything looks really positive. I need to shorten at the waist approximately 2" all around, so I pinned that up. Right now, that looks like the only major adjustment I need to make before I do a more detailed fitting on me. As I've mentioned before, the dress form's shoulder slope is different than mine, so there are bound to be some tweaks there. The side and back views make it look like there is a real problem, but I was able to sort most of this out by simply rearranging the fabric. Also, the blue skirt has ties that support the bustle, so I think I can make it less voluminous which should also help the jacket to lay smoothly.

Frankly, I shocked at how well this first muslin turned out. The last TV bodice I made was a nightmare, and I never did figure out why. I really am trying to follow their sizing and fitting methods carefully. Perhaps there's something to this following directions thing after all. hmmm...

front view: I pinned to the neck, even though this jacket opens to show the lapels

Side view: I may eventually decide to make the arm hole smaller in the front. Note the super stealth sewing helper in the bottom left corner.  

Back view: releasing the bustle draw strings and rearranging the pleat in the jacket should fix most of this. 

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