Friday, March 21, 2008

Fabric swatches

I wrote an entire chapter of my dissertation in the last 24 hours, so I'm allowing myself a little time for fun.

Here are the fabric swatches purchased from the incredible G Street Fabrics. As you can see from the price tags, their fabric is high quality, but not cheap. I have ordered swatches from other online sources and I will post those as soon as I receive them.

On a side note, I'm still learning about the digital camera that I got for Christmas. I mucked up the settings and only got good color representation in a few photos. The ones I present here have been pretty heavily Photoshopped. You'll just have to take my word for it that all the outer fabric is very much in the navy range. I'm posting these pictures to show the different weights and drapes that I am currently considering.

Clearly, the poly robes are trying to reproduce the weight and drape of good wool crepe. The problem with that is that since these robes get worn almost exclusively outdoors in late spring, wool crepe may not be a good idea. I reserve the right to decide that it's too beautiful and that I will suffer for a few hours a year for the sake of a good costume. I think anyone who makes costumes for themselves to wear at special events can get behind this idea.

wool crepe $29.95/yd

silk crepe (I'm not sure which this is)

4-ply silk crepe $69.95/yd

3-ply silk crepe $49.95/yd

silk charmeuse $29.95/yd (I would use the crepe side as the face)

silk crepe de chine $24.95/yd

Novelty Textured Linen (light weight) $29.95

Light Weight Linen (just over hanky weight) $23.95/yd

Trim and lining fabric. I purchased the black silk/rayon velvet for the trim (I still need to get the gold braid). I have 7 yards of this true blue silk habotai that I can use for the lining. It also just occurred to me that only the sleeves really need lining fabric, so I bet that I have a few other things in my stash which would work too.

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