Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My new obsession: EvaDress's Cos80-1887 French Bat Costume, circa 1887

For what event? I don't know. Clearly, that is not the point. This arrived yesterday:



Callie said...

Hi I stumbled over to your blog from the sewing pattern review site, and your work is great. I was wondering if you might share a bit about your dress form? It looks like it really duplicates your shape quite well and I am looking to get started with my own historical fashioning and I think a dress form that really duplicates me needs to be my first project.


ajpiffle said...

Callie, Sorry to be so late in replying. I use a Uniquely You dress form. I got mine from the Atlanta Tread & Supply Co. Here's a link:

I find it totally worth it.