Sunday, November 30, 2008

Simplicity 4059

This is going to be a Christmas present for my dad. You can read the full review at

The Shirt

I added a tie so that my dad could close the shirt if he wanted to wear it without the doublet.

A close up of the cuff:

The Doublet

I left off the trim on the peplums and shoulder tabs, but they probably couldhave used to top stitching for permanent ironing.

Doublet and Shirt Together
Looking pretty sharp, even on my dress form.

close up of the front yoke.

cuff detail. There is no elastic, only a ribbon tie. We'll see how that goes over.

The back is made somewhat adjustable by adding these tabs which can be simply decorative or they can be tied tighter to take up about 3" of ease.


Rosalind said...

For someone who's supposedly a beginner sewer, these three pieces are sewn really well! I love the doublet(I think that's what you called it!). The shirt is also done really well, especially the buttoned cuffs. I've never done a costume, but may dive into one from the Sense & Sensibility website. Cannot recommend this site enough; she even offers step-by-step, online pictures, for each construction process! Anyway, keep up the super work!!

carolyn said...

Hi Alice,
Great sewing,

Anonymous said...

did you have difficulty with attaching the yoke to the pants, I am making the same costume right now and am having serious issues with the yoke.

ajpiffle said...

I don't recall having difficulty with the yoke, but it was a long time ago. Make sure that you really understand the directions. If you're clear on what to do, then make sure that you have clipped the seams and have ironed carefully. If you're not understanding the directions, try searching the web for a generic tutorial on attaching a yoke to pants. That might give you insight into the directions.