Friday, September 5, 2008

hiatus update

So now I'm moved in to the new place in Hagerstown, MD. If anyone out there is in Hagerstown, I'd love to get connected to fellow sewers. I'm thinking of joining the American Sewing Guild, which I probably should have done years ago. I hear they meet once a month at the library.

My current problem is setting up a new sewing room. I need a good cutting table. I'm thinking of an IKEA model: This one.

Any other ideas? I want one that I can stand at and comfortably cut 60" wide fabric (so min width, 30").


laurie said...

It is wondeful that you are interested in joining the American Sewing Guild as it is a great organization. I am the president of the American Sewing Guild chapter in Bend, OR. I have forwarded your blog to Helen DeRoo, the president of the Maryland chapter. You can also find out more about the MD chapter on their website.


Sew Whats New said...

Laurie's comment was perfect for finding out about ASG. I am past pres of the Gold Country Chapter - Placerville, CA. I hope you join your local chapter and get involved. ASG needs young talent with fresh ideas.

Your choice of cutting tables looks good. A drop leaf is handy. The cutting tables by Koala are much more expensive, but have some great storage space. Get a cutting mat that fits the top of your table. It makes rotary cutting so much easier. Get some blocks of wood to put under your table legs to raise the height. It will save your back.

For sewing inspiration check out 4 Women of Design or


Charlene McGill said...

That's a really niece table at a good price.